Many years ago, my sister (-in-law), Judy, Retired2stamp, invited me to a Stampin' Up Party. I was drawn to the 6X6 recipe card swap our local group was doing and had wanted to scrapbook too. I wasn't really interested in card making because I had witnessed my brother (in-law) Ed fold up a handmade card and put it in his pocket. I almost fainted and I didn't even make the card. But after a few parties, I was hooked and now make more cards than I had ever thought I would. My most recent passions are ATCs, tags & altered art. As you look through my blog I hope you can see how I've grown in my crafting ability!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Scenic Route

Each month I'm doing a technique from Tim's blog so for January I decided to try my hand at making a plaid background. I followed his directions from 2009's 12 Tags of Christmas Day 3 to make a sample on a #8 tag with directions on the back. This will be be stored in my binder for future reference. Then I made a #10 tag which I embellished. I won't go through the entire technique but you can follow the link above to see it from the man himself! Below, I will tell you about my experience & some of the things I tried.

I had limited colors of alcohol inks but it was amazing at the combinations I came up with.  I will say this is addicting & I kept doing "just one more".  My Cranberry came out pink & I just couldn't get it to be a darker.

These are my practice pieces & are a little smaller than a #8 tag.  I tried dropping blending solution on the top right piece so there would be a place to stamp.  It ran a little & I probably should have used another drop or two to make it a little lighter.

These two are about the size of a #10 tag.  Since it was a larger surface I had trouble holding it straight at first.

Making these diagonal samples were really fun but I need a little more practice so they're straight.

You do want to use less Black Soot, a little does go a long way. When putting the ink on the felt, it will wick some so be careful or you'll have a very wide stripe.

The 2 hardest things are keeping the blending tool straight while pulling it across the CS & reversing the direction. 1.) I think I may try to adhere the glossy CS to something then use a straight edge to guide the blending tool. 2.) Tim's direction said to turn the tool around AND reverse the direction. Unless I read it wrong I thought it meant to pull the tool towards me then push it away from me, in the other direction. I just couldn't do the reverse motion but I think it came out good by turning the tool & only pulling it down the CS. Of course I probably could have turned the CS too!

Although I used a craft mat, I also placed a piece of scrap paper under the CS. I found this helps keep my craft mat from staining. The blending solution does take it off but if there are any cracks or cuts it's hard to get the alcohol ink off.